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Individal Support
DC Rape Crisis Center

DCRCC is the designated State Sexual Assault Coalition for the District of Columbia providing survivor-centered advocacy through therapeutic services, training and technical assistance, community education, public policy initiatives as well as volunteer opportunities. More specifically:

  • Individual & group counseling (English and Spanish)

  • A 24-hour crisis hotline (202-333-RAPE)

Casa Ruby

Casa Ruby is the only Bilingual Multicultural LGBT Organization providing life saving services and programs to the most vulnerable in the LGBT community.

Resource for Male Survivors

A center of resources and support for Male survivors. They also offer weekend recovery retreats across the United States.

Deaf Abused Women’s Network

DAWN's mission is to promote healthy relationships and end abuse in the Deaf community of the Washington, DC area by providing survivors of abuse the with help they need to heal and progress with their lives and educating deaf and hearing communities on the issues and how to foster positive relationships.

Magnolia Health

Quinn Gee MS, Magnolia Mental Health. 1629 K Street NWSuite 300, Washington D.C. 20006. +1 (901) 201-5357 

Quinn has experience dealing with LGBTQ+ issues and trauma and offers individual, group, family and couples psychotherapy, in person or over videocall. Quinn has a sliding scale for payment and at this point in time is not accepting insurance.

**Quinn provides free and competent therapy for Trans and Muslim persons.**

Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying provides training to identify and prevent bullying, and to explore laws and policies surrounding bullying.

Americans with Disabilities

You can file an Americans with Disabilities Act complaint alleging disability discrimination against a State or local government or a public accommodation (private business including, for example, a restaurant, doctor's office, retail store, hotel, etc.)

Mary's Center Behavioral Health

Mary’s Center Behavioral Health (MCBH) aims to provide high quality behavioral health services to improve functioning, personal goal attainment and life satisfaction to clients both within Mary’s Center and DC community-at-large.

Contact Information/Locations and Hours: All incoming Behavioral Health Department calls are answered by support staff during business hours at (202) 420-7122.

Intimacy Directors International

The Intimacy Director is more than a choreographer; they are an advocate for the ensemble and for each actor. The Intimacy Director takes responsibility for the emotional safety of the actors and anyone else in the rehearsal hall while they are present. "Creating a safe space to do dangerous work." (Also see one-sheet: Pillars of Safe Intimacy: Rehearsal & Performance Practice )

Peoples' Institute for Survival and Beyond

The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB) focuses on understanding what racism is, where it comes from, how it functions, why it persists and how it can be undone. Their workshops utilize a systemic approach that emphasizes learning from history, developing leadership, maintaining accountability to communities, creating networks, undoing internalized racial oppression and understanding the role of organizational gate keeping as a mechanism for perpetuating racism.

A Community Builders Tool Kit

Tools for creating healthy, productive interracial, multicultural communities.

Collective Action for Safe Spaces C.A.S.S.

Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) mobilizes our community in Washington, DC, to end public sexual harassment and assault through innovative programming and hard-hitting advocacy. "We envision a world where solutions for building public safety are rooted in research, education, art, storytelling, access to resources, and grassroots organizing."

Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change 

Anti Oppression resources & Exercises. These training notes are divided up into tabs corresponding to “building blocks” for change. Understanding these building blocks gives us an ability to think critically and constructively about our work. ​

Mediation Training Institute

The Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer (CMT)program teaches participants the necessary skills to both resolve conflicts directly as well as train others on workplace conflict resolution strategies.

U.S. Department of Arts and Culture

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is a people-powered department — a grassroots action network inciting creativity to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging.

Know The Land Territories 

To recognize the land is an expression of gratitude and appreciation to those whose territory you reside on, and a way of honouring the Indigenous people who have been living and working on the land from time immemorial. It is important to understand the long standing history that has brought you to reside on the land, and to seek to understand your place within that history. Land acknowledgements do not exist in a past tense, or historical context: colonialism is a current ongoing process, and we need to build our mindfulness of our present participation. It is also worth noting that acknowledging the land is Indigenous protocol. 

Futures Without Violence

A National Resource Library with the mission to create workplaces free from domestic violence, sexual harassment & violence, and stalking. This resource includes their own Model Workplace Policy.

Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts

WALA provides legal services and support to the Washington arts community in several ways: education programs, legal clinics, and legal referrals.

DC Volunteer Lawyers Project

The DC Volunteer Lawyers Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide high-quality, free legal services to low-income District of Columbia residents in family law cases.  Our volunteer lawyers provide pro bono legal representation to domestic violence survivors. +1 (202) 885-5542

Sample Letters of Intent

For members of the production team or for members of the cast (PDF, Word.doc)

Sample Concern Resolution Path

A three-level system of resolving concerns that may arise for performers or technicians (PDF, Word.doc)

Sample Audition Disclosure Form

For creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere for performers from the moment they walk in for an audition (PDF, Word.doc)

Sample Written Agreement

For performers, which may be modified for other members of a production team (PDF, Word.doc)

Sample First Day of Rehearsal Script

For introducing performers and other members of the production team to the NIOH DC Theatre Standards (PDF, Word.doc)

Oops and Ouch: Handling negative comments or actions the moment they happen

A method of equalizing power structures to address and resolve concerns quickly and effectively (PDF, Word.doc)

Not In Our House Chicago

NIOH DC's parent group, Not In Our House Chicago has its own set of Standards, a Pilot Group integrating the Chicago Theatre Standards, and its own set of resources.

We Hear You Baltimore

Theatre makers and supporters who are working to "create and implement policies to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and assault within the Baltimore stages community."

The Living Document

Chronicling the extent of White Supremacy in the Theater Industry. A call to action for a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive theater community that fully affirms and celebrates all artists, especially BIPOC artists.

Trainings & Eduational Opportunities
Legal & Conflit Resolution
Related Groups

Individual Support

Trainings & Educational Opportunities

Legal & Conflict Resolution

Related Groups

Sample Forms



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