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The Standards

The Standards

The DC Theatre Standards is a voluntary tool for self-governance that seeks to nurture communication, safety, respect, and accountability of participants at all levels of theatrical production in the greater DC region. Its mission is to create:


  • Spaces free of harassment, whether it be sexual, or based in race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, color, or ability

  • Nurturing environments that allow even greater challenge to ourselves, our audience, and our communities; risk of mind and body; and freedom to create theatre that represents the full range of human experience 

  • A common understanding of best practices for theatre environments, including written, reproducible standards available for no cost

  • Support through mentorship and collaboration through online communication and community outreach

Sample Forms



These documents, included in The Standards, are sample forms to be integrated into the context of a theatre-making process. They are primarily intended for producers and managers as tools to incorporate The Standards into their theatres, but are also useful self-advocacy tools for theatre artists on all levels. 

  • Sample Letters of Intent, for members of the production team or for members of the cast (PDF, Word.doc)

  • Sample Concern Resolution Path, a three-level system of resolving concerns that may arise for performers or technicians (PDF, Word.doc)

  • Sample Audition Disclosure Form, for creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere for performers from the moment they walk in for an audition (PDF, Word.doc)

  • Sample Written Agreement, for performers, which may be modified for other members of a production team (PDF, Word.doc)

  • Sample First Day of Rehearsal Script, for introducing performers and other members of the production team to the NIOH DC Theatre Standards (PDF, Word.doc)

  • Oops and Ouch:  Handling negative comments or actions the moment they happen, a method of equalizing power structures to address and resolve concerns quickly and effectively (PDF, Word.doc)

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

In October of 2017, NIOH DC conducted a Needs Assessment Survey of the DC Metro Theater Community. Over 450 responses were received, highlighting a need for a set of standards, community education, and a clear pathway for recourse.

The slide show takes you through graphical data gathered from the Needs Assessment Survey. 

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